The History of Carlyle Healthcare Center (St.Mary's,
St. Julian's)

The 1800's &
The 1900's

Carlyle Healthcare Center dates back to the late 1800's and originally was the hospital in Carlyle, as pictured above. 

The facilty and grounds have been added to multiple times over the years.  A pictorial history of our buildings and grounds can be found here.

A gift from Mrs. Julia Sparks to The Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ occurred in the early 1900's, at that time the facility was known as St. Julian's Hospital.  The Poor Handmaids then ran the facility under the name of St. Mary's Home for the Aged, until 1969 when Wayne Messick, M.P.H.

purchased the home and changed the name to Carlyle Healthcare Center.  Wayne dedicated his life to the healthcare industry serving as director of the Adams County Illinois Health Department from 1950 until 1969. 

Wayne owned and managed Carlyle Healthcare Center from 1969 until his death in 1999, it was his life's passion to serve in the healthcare industry.   

Wayne instilled a tradition of excellence in his 30 years, and he passed that torch on to his wife and daughters' families upon his demise.  They continue to  own and manage Carlyle Healthcare Center today. 

As a tribute to our 38 year tradition of excellence, a showcase of special events and awards has been assembled and can be viewed here.