Pictorial History of Carlyle Healthcare Center

Starting from the beginning, the Hospital in Carlyle...Circa mid 1880's


The first addition to the building, notice the original structure is now in the rear
of the new addition..... Circa 1890's


In 1910 a two story addition to the west was added.


In 1930, another two story addition to the west was added. It was in this addition
that our chapel was built. (left side of picture, with cross on the tower)
We use this same chapel today. 


A 1954 picture shows a third addition of the building to the west.

A different picture also from the 50's which shows the building in the same
state of development.

Around 1973 and 1974 the fourth and final expansion to the West was added
as well as a wing to the South. The first picture is a aerial view of both wings.
The second picture is of the south wing only.

In 1978 a physical therapy room / rehab center was built onto the rear of west
addition number four. 


In 1986 a two story dining room was added to the front, and the basement
underneath it was built for laundry services.

In 1992 the south wing was further expanded to include a private dining room and
build on some additional resident rooms.


In 1997 a sun-porch and our Assisted Living building were added together onto the
East end of our facility.


In 2006, our Supportive Living Facility was completed.  It is not attached to the main
building like the other additions have been.  It is a free standing facility to the North
of the main home.


Our facility as it stands today.